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Newsflash – Mentoring from September

From September 2023  I will be introducing  a major change to the format of my teaching work, combining my widely recognised knowledge and teaching expertise as both an Alexander teacher and violinist.

(This will enable a more immersive experience for certain students over several months and allow me to better plan performing and writing projects)

This will be a mentoring scheme available for a maximum of 5 students who would like to transform their playing ‘from the ground up’. If you feel that you missed out on or rushed important stages of development in your playing or if you need to reappraise what I call the ‘basics of the basics’ then this scheme might suit you.

There’s no shortage of good violin teachers but there are far fewer able to identify what I consider to be key issue that underlie the best and most stable playing.

Depending on your starting point – adult ‘beginners’, college students or professional players and teachers  this is a good chance  to reappraise all aspects of violin technique, physical/ mental habits and build a long and sustainable future for your playing.

The scheme will typically last for 4-6months, include regular (weekly or more) lessons in both – in person, via Zoom (or both) and support articles and group workshops / meetings.

I will  freely share my knowledge built up over many years, guiding you, eventually, to become your own best teachers.

Lessons can, occasionally, be shared and longer lessons arranged to suit your timetable.

There will be several groups gatherings and a longer one (over several days tbc) at the end of the teaching period.

More information will follow in the next weeks. Please get in touch for more information.

Lessons online or in-person.

Online workshops:

Next one -July 2023, 7-9pm.

(Please get in touch to book a place)

‘Learning to play without a shoulder rest (but with a chinrest…) for musical and physical freedom’


 ‘Thoughts that count’ –

 3 Pathways to effortless playing – an online workshop based on my    feature in the January 2022  STRAD magazine.

Fabulous balance, intelligent pressing and getting around the violin with supreme accuracy – every time. 

Learn to play properly WITHOUT a shoulder rest – if you want!

Learn to make a beautiful sound!

And much more…..


Free copy of my article – ‘Thoughts that count’

Private lesson discounts for participants worth £150

Details below and booking via eventbrite…

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Thoughts That Count pdf

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I offer lessons at a high level of skill, experience, knowledge,  enabling my students to gain a detailed understanding of string playing – whatever their current level.

Seeking easier ways to help other musicians has been a project of mine for some years…

I’m particularly driven by my desire to offer  excellent, affordable lessons to all, that are content rich and not just expedient. This has led me to offer lessons online, take much the same form as my usual ‘in-person’ lessons, but they are not location dependent and very easy to set up…..no trains, planes or automobiles!

I welcome anyone to come and have a lesson in person at my home, teaching studio or at another location, but why not give online lessons a try?

Please read my biography and you’ll get a good sense of my approach to violin playing and music,  and how I may be able to help you improve, discover more ease in your playing and  enjoy the sense of accomplishment that improving your skills can bring.


I’m a professional violinist with well over 20 years experience as a chamber musician and recitalist and also as an orchestral section and principal player, working closely with some of the best musicians in the UK and beyond.

This has included extensive work with orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic, Philharmonia orchestra and  BBC orchestras, both in concerts, tours and recordings and in commercial film sessions and studio recording. I’ve also given solo and duo recitals at numerous venues throughout the UK and for BBC Radio 3.

Teaching background

I have taught and currently teach at leading UK music colleges – I was  head of the Alexander Technique  teaching  department at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London and I’m a  frequent freelance violin teacher at the Trinity Laban Junior dept.

My record of exam passes  at all grades is excellent, generally teaching around 10 – 12 school age children locally and older, college students in London and online.  Many of these  are committed  long-term students who’ve had lessons with me for more than two years.

I give lessons at my home near central Windsor (Clewer Village) on weekdays, after school  or on the weekends.

Lesson times are flexible and are usually hour-long or 40 mins, depending on age and stage, occasionally, by arrangement at your home.

 You or your child are welcome to have lessons in person in Windsor, (my home town) or online, via  Zoom.

In certain circumstances I offer substantial discounts.


I write regularly about my work as a teacher and performer and I have written articles and features about playing and teaching for leading string journals such as the STRAD magazine – print and online. Please follow the link to read my latest article: ‘Thoughts that count‘, and listen to me chatting  about my work for the STRAD podcast.


I’m also an accomplished pianist  –  when exams are taken I’m able to play  for my students at all (grade) levels. This can be helpful on these sometimes stressful occasions.

Alexander teaching

I’m  an experienced Alexander teacher (MSTAT), another huge interest in life, which informs my string teaching at a detailed level, helping musicians at all stages of learning to understand how they might play more enjoyably, healthily and skilfully….

Here you can find out a little about my violin teaching work, how you can explore, and have fun, transforming all aspects of your playing and teaching.

Online lessons are available for the following groups:
Younger players (from about age 7 or 8) Lessons  given with parental supervision 

Children’s lessons

  • ABRSM exam entries and coaching / lessons and extra lessons… / coaching and encouragement / tips and advice / fun stuff!
  • Downloadable practise guides (with code), basic exercises based on some the ABRSM exam pieces, and gentle goal setting
  • Coaching and  suggestions to get the most out of practising
  • Useful advice about many of the pieces set for grade 1 to grade  8 (selection) including links to my youtube lessons about the set pieces.
  • Links and access to my Facebook group dedicated to exploring the pieces for ABRSM exams to grade 8.

Music college students and secondary school pupils

  • Audition preparation and exams
  • Recital and repertoire coaching – teaching and straightforward feedback
  • Transform your playing with a detailed look at common issues such as comfort /set-up / playing with more ease.
  • Advice about pain-free, healthy playing and intelligent movement. All this can lead, step by step, to more musical freedom and a sense of proper accomplishment.

Professional players

  • Revitalise your playing and take a new look at outdated habits
  • Sort out long standing issues of set-up and comfort
  • Discover activities without the violin that can enhance awareness
  • Discover a new sense of ease in playing
  • Discuss, in confidence, aspects of violin playing, technical insecurity and performance anxiety

Teachers: violin teachers, adult learners and keen amateurs

  • Gain more insight into healthy movement, action, coordination and preparation.
  • Develop intelligent practise habits and an integrated approach to playing and teaching
  • Develop strategies for performance anxiety
  • Explore common misconceptions surrounding issues such as support, balance and simplistic ideas about ‘posture’. (please see the links above)
  • Understand, more fully, common and difficult issues such as supporting the violin, chin and shoulder-rests, collar-bone rests and other essential aspects of set-up.
  • Reconsider your own teaching and some powerful ideas that can inform the basics – and most important aspects of violin playing and teaching.

Please get in touch to arrange a lesson via Skype or Zoom.